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Welcome to Nonna Maria's Pizzeria


Nonna Maria's is a family-owned and operated business. We are passionate about creating food as an Italian Nonna would for her family. Our pizza dough and marinara sauce is made fresh daily with the finest ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. Although our dining room may be small, it is filled with love and a passion for food.

Marcelo is from the city of Villa Regina in the Patagonian region of Argentina. His family are descendants of Italian immigrants and those of Spain. The soil in Argentina is ideal for growing produce naturally designed for the delights of Italian cuisine. Pizza and pasta, alongside fire-roasted meats are everyday cuisine for many Argentine families. The pastries are as fine as you would find in a any European bakery.

Marcelo's Nonna (Grandmother) cooked most meals in the extended family's household. She canned her own tomatoes and grew fresh herbs right outside in a garden that she mantained herself. As the caretaker of her grandchildren, while her daughter and son-in-law worked outside of the home, she modeled the way to create delicious and satisfying meals for those she loved. Then everyone would join together as a family around the dinner table and share their thoughts and unwind. These feelings live on through Marcelo's passion in the kitchen and welcoming you into our dining room to share in the pleasure of our food. This little pizzeria is a homage to Nonna Maria, a mother and grandmother who's big love of cooking brought her family together at the dinner table!


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